My gift to you for every order over $50
(received by November 30th, 2018)

Autumn is now half over. By the looks of it, all of nature has died. But looks are deceiving. Though they appear spindly and bare, trees are very much alive and vibrant with growth. It is in the dark cold, in fact, that trees do their most growing. This expansion is mainly in their roots, which spread out and extend their reach and capability to provide nourishment from the earth.

Perhaps we should take our cue from our giant plant brethren. This is a good time for us, too, to dig in for the duration of the chilly dark season. Time to send our roots deep down into the soil of our spirit to steady us and help us draw sustenance from the inner reaches of our own souls.

This is a good time to burn Patchouli Root to focus our attention on our roots and ground us for the coming cold. It is also an excellent time to burn Candles of any type in order to focus on the light within the darkness. It is better to light one candle than to curse the dark!

Since so many people dread the dark season, it is good to protect yourself against low feelings and depression. Keep a Rose of Jericho, some Black Salt or Magic Eggs in your home or office to ward of a dark, negativity of mind. Or use any of the Protection Charms on the charm page to keep you safe from the imagined boogey men who dwell in the dark.

Bast, the nocturnal black cat goddess is the perfect nocturnal companion in the season of low light. And La Milagrossa, with her hands of generative light, will help you through till spring.

Use the dark and quiet to your advantage and dive into that tunnel that leads you to yourself. Check out the Divination Aids, all of which will help you see into your deepest truths. Or contact Mama Donna for a Tarot Reading in order to access your inner wisdom.

My gift to you for all orders over $50 (received by November 30, 2018) is my Multi Colored Tap Roots Blessing Oil. This oil/herb blend is formulated to encourage a sense of foundation, support, community, connection and mutual aid.

Best blessings for a fruitful journey to the dark side,

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