Birth, New Growth and Expansion

with my gift of
Green Juicy Fruits of Life Blessing Oil

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(received by March 31st, 2019)

The coming of spring has always been symbolized by the egg, representing as it does, the birth of a new life. Cascarilla is pulverized eggshell. In the Yoruba culture of West Africa it is used to inscribe blessings of good life. Use this to mark holy intentions on the ground, on your altar, or on your person. Magic Eggs are used in China to dispel any unwanted energy in the environment, thus clearing the way for renewal.

Like eggs, seeds represent new life in springtime. In India,
Rudraksha Seeds
are worn to invite luck and spiritual growth. In Mexico, Ojo Buey Seeds are carried for luck and they are made into Baby Amulets to protect the little ones from harm of any sort. Throughout the African Diaspora, Peonía Seeds are used in ritual, placed on altars, carried and worn to enhance the incipient power of anything they touch.

In China and Native America, it is said that the turtle gave birth
to the Earth. Therefore, turtles represent Mother Earth, Gaia the Supreme Creatrix, Herself. Place a Bone Turtle or a Ceramic Turtle on your altar to invite in the creative, generative spirit of Mother Nature. Use a Turtle Whistle or Turtle Percussion to serenade Her with prayers of supplication and appreciation.

March is also the time of the Sap Moon. Use some of these delectable tree saps to add succulent fragrance to your life: Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, Camphor, and Amber.

My gift to you for every order over $50. (received by March 31st, 2019) is a vial of my
Green Juicy Fruits of Life Blessing Oil. This oil is a combination of essential oils and herbs, and contains a ceremonial kernel of blue corn from the Taos Pueblo and healing soil from the holy pilgrimage site in Chimayó, New Mexico. Use this powerful mixture to bless all endeavors, ventures and adventures.

Best blessings of vernal renewal,

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