February Specials

Heart, Hearth, Heat!

Magenta Carnal Arts Blessing Oil
My gift to you for every order over $50 received by February 28, 2019

Now when it is dark and cold outside, it is time to stoke the furnace of our passion and fan the flames of our love. It is time to honor our body and its most basic and visceral needs. And time to feed our primal hungers.

Browse the Spirit Shop to find the perfect present for your Valentine.There is something for every love in your life. Including yourself! Visit the Queen's Emporium & Queen's Cafe Press Shop for Special items for Empowered Women.

Visit The Charms Page to find Love and Power Charms that can help you to attract new love to your life, to honor the love that you have, and to open yourself to receive the love that you desire.

Find wonderful red and pink Heart Amulets from Mexico. Munachi Love Stones from Bolivia. Wedding Milagros and Wedding Candles from Peru for Brides & Brides, Grooms & Grooms and Brides & Grooms. Powerful Pheromone Spray to send out your call of the wild.

Look on the Candles Page for Figure Candles and Holy Yoni Candles to ignite passion, for Floating Rose Candles to create a romantic environment to send light and love energy out into the world.

Check out the new Jewelry Page for fabulous gifts for your dearly beloved Self or for a friend or lover, and the Goddess Page to find lively images of the Goddesses we love to honor.

February is also the first full month of Chinese New Year. Do as the Chinese do and scare away the evil spirits with Festival Drums. Add a Buddha or Kwan Yin figure to your altar in celebration. This is a perfect time to sanctify your space with Feng Shui tools and blessings such as Bagua Mirrors, Prosperity Frogs, Prosperity Charms, and Energy Tassels. Welcome in the New Year of the Dog.

My gift to you for every order over $50 received by February 28, 2019 is a vial of my Magenta Carnal Arts Blessing Oil. This oil is a combination of essential oils and herbs, and contains a garnet to enhance your creativity, sexuality, passion, compassion and devotion.

With best blessings for a salty, savory, sexy, satisfying February.

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