My gift to you for every order over $50
(received by December 31st, 2018)

The confluence of multicultural Festivals of Light — Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Divali, Santa Lucia, Soyal — that surround the Winter Solstice are all holidays of hope and cheer. Lighting a light at the darkest time of the year is a pledge somehow. A promise. A sacred vow. Such a small, symbolic gesture. So elegantly simple. So significant. Each tentative flicker of each flame is a reminder of the fragility and pulsating persistence of the life force. Each spark, a signal flare of faith.

So light some lights! Throw some illumination on your life and out into the world.

Check out the Candles and Burners Page for a selection of special and unusual candles and candle holders. I especially recommend the Tibetan Salt Tea Light Lamp. Not only is it beautiful, but it is healing, as well. The heat of the candle diffuses negative ions into the atmosphere of your room, which removes toxins and negative energy.

Candles make wonderful gifts. The Brass Buddha and Kwan Yin Taper Holders are very sweet. Not only do they serve to hold candles, they also remind you to keep a calm radiance. The Brass Candle Holder and the Beaded Candle Holder are really beautiful. They make a lovely, elegant addition to any room.

Jewelry is always a perfect present. And the Jewelry Page is stocked with fascinating hand crafted multicultural goddess pendants, pins and charms.
The renown jewelry designer Judith Mullen has created a fabulous suite of
silver and gold earrings, necklaces, pins and bracelets with imagery of the Venus of Willendorf and the Sleeping Maltese Goddess. Check out her wonderful Venus of Willendorf book marks/money clips.

“What about the kids?” you ask. Check out the Zip Stones on the Magnet Page. Kids love these amazing magnetized singing hematite stones. They are soooo cool! And there is a range of interesting and unusual Percussion Instruments from Chile, Viet Nam, Kenya, Burkino Faso, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Guatemala. Create a family drumming circle or band and ring in the New Year with music.

My gift to you for all orders over $50 (received by December 31, 2018) is my Purple Joie de Vivre Blessing Oil. This oil/herb blend is formulated to facilitate the utterly luxurious release of that last tightly held, clenched breath. And to stimulate the giggle that bubbles up to fill the vacuum!    

My best blessings for a jolly holiday season.

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