Welcome to the merry month of May,
named for the goddess Maya, Mai, Mary

Pink Heart and Soul Blessing Oil.

My gift to you for every order over $50
(received by May 31, 2019)

In May, Mother Nature is in Her fecund glory. Her creations and creatures are alive with the vibrant, effervescent energy of growth. So, it is not hard to understand why we honor the Mother this month. Why not treat your mother to a gift that acknowledges and celebrates her divine creatrix spirit?

And don’t be shy about paying homage to the gorgeous and powerful goddess in you, as well, this month!

Check out the Goddess page to find wonderful goddess images, icons, and accoutrements for your altar and your amulet bag.

You will also find a selection of goddess accessories with which to adorn yourself, including a wonderful jewelry line featuring the Venus of Willendorf and the Malta Sleeping Goddess created by Judith Mullen.

“I received my Venus earrings and I love them. I had been
looking for something like them for quite a while. They
are everything I thought they would be. Thanks.”
— I.O., Los Angeles, CA

My gift to you for every order over $50 (received by May 31, 2019) is a vial of my Pink Heart and Soul Blessing Oil. This oil contains a rose quartz crystal to help you to both give and receive sweetness, comfort, compassion, empathy, and grace. Use this oil to bless yourself with an open heart and a shining soul.

Yours for a gloriously goddessy month,

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