Feedback from some of Mama Donna's Recent Readings

Thank you for your words of encouragement and
guidance. I am so grateful for the reading. I can still
feel the healing energy.
— Linda, MA

Thank you for the fabulous reading. It was so inspiring.
I love your safe haven in Exotic Brooklyn.
— Eugenia, NY


As the cards foretold, I've been through a lot these past
few months - that Death card has been a doozy. I wanted
to thank you for such a wonderful experience. I couldn't
have asked for better. It truly set the tone for what has
already turned out to be an extraordinary year of spiritual,
emotional and creative development.
— Carole, SC


Again, thank you so much for the reading. It was right on
target and you certainly helped me in more ways than you
will ever know! If your ears were burning last night, it was
because a friend called and I said - "I've found my angel"
and recommended that she contact you for a reading.
She was impressed since I never recommend anyone or
— Toni, WA


After nearly two weeks since the Tarot Reading, I remain
awed by the cards. The messages of "taking the leap" and
"breaking through" remains a confirmation of the journey
before me. They are deepening in me and guiding me.
Thank you so very much.
— Mark, PA


Thanks so much for the beautiful reading. I love your
style and I could feel your heart in the words that you
spoke to me. Your blessing was heartfelt too.
— Karen, CT


I have to tell you what intense and positive energy I
received and am still feeling from my tarot reading with
you. It continues to resonate with me on a deep level.
So, thank you. I also felt so at home in myself with you
and that was great.
— Linda, NY


It was an amazing reading and I left feeling very excited
about my future. Your interpretations were very helpful.
Thank you very much.
— Eric, NY




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