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Voyager Tarot deck

After 35 years of reading cards,
this is the only deck that I now use.
They are gorgeous photographic
montages with exceedingly
profound symbolic
Highly recommended.

USA. $30

I Ching coins

Three coins in a red paper
money envelope.

China. $7

amethyst crystal points

Amethyst focuses inner vision,
clairvoyance, dream work and intuition.
Approximately 2"
USA. $9


Small natural geodes. Smash them open
with a hammer to discover the crystalline
center. A charm for the beauty of your
inner wisdom, worth and power.

USA. $5

Chinese Silk Book

Beautiful silk brocade book with
butterfly imagery. Unlined pages
with small line drawings of butterflies.
Perfect for a dream journal.
Let Mama choose your color. 4" x 6"
China. $11

Om Book

Lovely book of unlined handmade
paper with hand printed symbols on
the top right corner of each page and
a Sanskrit Om symbol on the cover.
Let Mama choose your color.
5" x 5 1/2".

Nepal. $13

Buddha Book

Gorgeous book of unlined handmade
paper. Covered with gold metallic
silk brocade depicting the
meditating Buddha. 6"' x 8".

Nepal $18

Fortune Fish

Celluloid red fish that moves when
you place it in your palm. The
envelope interprets the meaning of
the movements. Great party favors.

China. $2

Sacred Blend Tea

Promotes a high psychic vibration
to enhance ceremony. 24 tea bags.

Algonquin, Native Canada. $11

Lucid Dream tea

Promotes a profound dream life.
Extremely rare.

16 tea bags.
Algonquin, Native Canada. $18

Pewter Goddess Pendant

Pewter Goddess on black cord to wear
as pendant or to use as a pendulum.
Consult your pendulum when in doubt
of direction to take or decision to make.
Pewter attracts money and luck.

Available in pewter or gold tone pewter.
USA. $15

Gold tone Pewter

Magic cards

Package containing a tarot pull
of one card plus a fortune card.
In Spanish. Better than Lotto!

Mexico. $2

silk tarot bags

Embossed silk bags with cord strap
and corner tassels. Perfect size to
hold your tarot card deck. No two the
same design. Let Mama choose.

8" x 6"

Buddha Tarot Bag

Beautiful image of the meditating
Buddha in gold and orange on a bag
with cord strap and corner tassels.
The reverse side is a hand woven
design. Perfect size to hold your
tarot card deck.

9" x 7"


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